He is also known as Capybara. Scientifically known as hydrochaeris.  They live naturally, mainly in the South American, Central and North American regions.

 It usually weighs about 35-60 kg, but can be found weighing as much as 90 kg. It is about 50-60 cm high from the tip of the foot to the shoulder.  It has a light color but turns lighter when it goes down.  They have a withered tail. They have a large head with a blunt beak. The eyes are slightly raised above the head.  .


 In the environment they live in, they live in a jungle or savannah with a source of water, because they are both terrestrial and aquatic animals.

 Their diet is completely herbivorous. They feed on grass, aquatic plants and tree bark.  They are prudent enough to pick and eat only one species of grass at a time. Because they live in a horticultural zone, they are very careful to select plants that have the nutrients they need in different seasons.  They stop eating them and they also eat their own feces.  Also, they cannot make ascorbic acid or vitamin C inside the body. Therefore, they need to get it externally.

 They are very friendly and sociable in terms of their lifestyle. They are friendly enough to stay close to any animal.  Herds usually have a large number of females, of which there are 3-4 mature males and 7-8 mature females, all of which are still lambs.  Because it adds to where it is.

 It’s a bit special when it comes to mating. Adult females change their smell when they are sexually ready for mating.  All you have to do is jump out of the water and come out.  However, the main males protect their females and mate more often. However, other males also have the opportunity.  The pups grow on their own milk. In this case, they have the collective parental care of any female animal in the herd to give milk to any of the pups. Normally after about a week, the pups begin to graze.

 Capybaras have a lifespan of 8-10 years, but generally live for about 4 years in the environment, as they prey on predators such as crows, hawks, anacondas and jaguars.

 They are also bred on farms. Buy that meat and fur. In addition, the fat under their skins is used to make grease. Sometimes farm owners who have animals like cattle kill them.  They are not threatened with extinction due to expansion.

 The best part is that they are also popular as pets. The owners say that this pet is very tame because it is very tame, very friendly and likes to spend time with other animals. It’s not really wrong.  Because it has an amazing ability. This is a good lesson for us in a way of life.

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