Neatsvor T30 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Household Upright Vacuum, Automatic Cleaning Roller Brush

US $239.60 – 319.60 US $599.00 – 799.00 -60%

Brand Name:- NEATSVOR
Function:- Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type
Origin:- CN(Origin)
Power (W):- 220w
Voltage (V):- DC25.2v
Dust Box Capacity (L):- 0.6-1 L
Remote Control:- No
Special Suction Nozzle:- Wiping & Absorbing Ground Brush
Filter Type:- HEPA
Model Number:- Neatsvor T30
LCD:- Yes
Battery Life:- 40 minutes
Installation:- Hand Held
Timing Reservation:- No
Size(mm):- 330*350*1190mm
Cord Length (m):-wireless
Cleaning Route:- Planned Type
Certification:- CB,ce,ROHS
Turbo Brush:- YES
Brand:- Neatsvor
Model Number:- Neatsvor T30
Item:- Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum Cl
Feature:- 3 in one vacuum cleaner
Clean Water Tank Capacity:- 1000ml
Dirty Water Tank Capacity:- 800ml
Suction:- 13000pa strong suction
Battery Quantity:- 1pcs 3800mah
Working Time: Auto:- 45mins, MAX: 25mins
Connection Method:- Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
Whole Machine Weight:- 4.5kg
Noise:- 75db
Fuction:- Self-Cleaning,Rea-time Self-Cleaning,LED dispute,Voice,UV sterilization
Warranty:- 3 Years

Product Description

Neatsvor T30 Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

The T30 vacuum cleaner can do everything a normal vacuum cleaner does, and it’s also great for wet mopping, picking up spills or wet debris.


Intelligent system – automatic cleaning of rotating brush, automatic adjustment of suction, intelligent LED display

UV Sterilization – Destroys bacterial DNA and inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and viruses.

Cordless Design – 3800mAh removable battery, run about 45 minutes in standard mode, overload protection

255W vacuuming power, triple noise reduction, quieter than most vacuums
Suitable for floors such as tile, laminate, carpet, etc.

Provides traction during use and is convenient for women and older adults.

Combines the advantages of a vacuum cleaner and a mop

Unlike previous cleaning methods, Neatsvor T30 saves time by wiping and vacuuming at the same time, 2x cleaning speed in just one step. You no longer need complicated cleaning tools and waiting for the floor to dry after cleaning.

Suitable for cleaning all types of floors, such as laminate, linoleum, carpets.

Powerful suction allows the T30 to pick up not only hair and dust, but also kitchen clutter such as spilled liquids or wet crumbs.

Intelligent Interactive Detection System

Using intelligent sensor technology, it detects wet/dry dirt on the floor and automatically adjusts suction power, water flow and brush speed to reduce power consumption.

Track pollution with the smart display. When the floor is clean, the color of the full color LED screen will change from red to blue.

Always mop the floor with clean water

The 1000ml clean water container can wash 200 square meters, the double water tank system separates clean water and dirty water, continuously supplies clean water to wash the roller brush, and collects the dirty water and dry dirt into the waste water container. Always keep your brush clean, it will no longer slide through dirty water like a traditional mop.

Non-contact self-cleaning

Never touch a dirty roller brush again, just press the button and the vacuum cleaner will automatically clean the air ducts and roller brushes of dirt, hair and debris with clean water.

UV sterilization

During use, long press the MAX button to activate the ultraviolet sterilization function, destroy bacterial DNA, inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and viruses, and protect the health of family members.

Questions and answers:

Q1. Are returns and refunds possible after purchase?
A1. We offer 15 days no reason to return, 3 years warranty policy. Please contact us if you have any questions after purchase.

Q2. Can we wash the brushes in the washing machine?
A2. The Neatsvor T30 is equipped with a self-cleaning system. After the self-cleaning function is activated, the roller brushes automatically clean, saving time and not getting your hands dirty.

Q3. Is it suitable for flooring?
A3. NeatsvorT30 is suitable for tile, parquet, laminate, linoleum, rubber mats, etc. You can use it on the ground with confidence.

Q4. What kind of detergent can be used?
A4. Neatsvor T30 can be used with non-foaming cleaners.

Q5. How is it different from a steam cleaner?
A5. The steam cleaning machine achieves the effect of cleaning and sterilization by heating water, but it is easy to burn the human body, especially for families with children. The Neatvort T30 will not have this problem. Save time and cleaning steps as you vacuum and clean floors while you work. And equipped with ultraviolet lamps to achieve disinfection and sterilization during the cleaning process.

Q6. Will the floor be very wet after cleaning? Will it leave traces?
A6. The water output speed is controlled by the chip, and it will not be very wet after cleaning.

Question 7. Will the brush get tangled in the hair?
A7. At work, the Neatsvor T30 sucks hair and dust out of dirty buckets. Basically no hair tangles.

Q8. noisy?
A8. The maximum suction power is 13000pa, which is a little louder than the standard mode. However, the air duct has been processed with a 3-level noise reduction design, and the maximum noise is 72 decibels, which is lower than the noise of traditional vacuum cleaners.


We offer a 3-year warranty service. Some countries enjoy 15 days no reason to return. If your machine has any problem, please provide a video to my technical team first. We will give a solution based on the actual situation. We will return the robot to the repair shop or replace the related accessories

Delivery and repair service

Fast and convenient logistics from Overseas Warehouse We have overseas warehouses in Russia, Spain, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, the United States, Australia, Brazil, enjoy the fastest and most convenient local logistics service, customers do not need to pay any tax from them

Read before placing an order:

1. Due to customs clearance issues, we are currently unable to deliver to the island, please do not order. But if you have friends in other cities you can ask them to buy it for you.

2. Euro plug adapter (2-pin round pin). Most European countries, most African countries, most Middle East countries, South Korea, Chile, Paraguay, etc. US Plug Adapter (2-pin flat pin). Philippines, Thailand, etc.

3. We have overseas warehouse, if you ship from this warehouse, you don’t need to pay any tax, if you ship from China, the tax is based on your customs

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